Sunday, September 13, 2015

Intertaional Quds Day observed in Kargil

Intertaional Quds Day observed in Kargil

The Last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramazan ul Mubarak (Jummat ul Vida) observed as Intertaional Quds Day to follow the saying of Imam Khomeini r.a as he declared the last friday of Ramazan ul Mubarak as International Quds Day.

In Kargil town the main Procession of Quds Day was taken out after the friday prayer under the supervision of Markazi Imam e Jumma' wal Jamaa't Kargil Hojjatul Islam walmuslimeen Aqa Sheikh Mohammad Hussain Mufeed .
The procession was started marching from Houza Elmiyah Asna Asharia Kargil passing trough main bazar via lal chowk and Concluded with speeches by renowned speakers at Islamia School Chowk.
Speakers whom delivered speech were Master Mohammad Hussain, Murtaza Khalili, Hojjatul Islam walmuslimeen Sheikh Mohammad Ali Fayaz, Hojjatul Islam Sheikh Ali Elmi, Hojjatul Islam Syed Kazim Sabiri al Musavi and Hojjatul Islam Walmuslimeen Sheikh Mohammad Hussain Mufeed Markazi Imam Jumma' wal Jamaa't Kargil.
Photo: Fayaz Balti / Ilyas Ansari .
Edit: Fayaz Balti
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