Friday, February 19, 2016

Funeral Procession of Hojjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Syed Mohammad Nizaam ud Deen Razvi (r.a).

Hojjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Syed Mohammad Nizaam ud Deen Razvi (r.a) passed away at the age of 89 years on the night of 16-02-2016 at his residence Sankoo Kargil.
He has been working as the Religious Judge (Qazi) in Anjuman Jamiatul Ulama Houza Elmiyah Asna Asharai Islamia School Kargil from the last 8 years and has been famous for his decision and jurisprudence.
People from all over Kargil started reaching Sankoo after the news of his demise in the form of Mourning Processions.
The last rites of the late Qazi was pefromed at his ancesteriol Graveyard at Sankoo Kargil.

The Funeral Prayer (Nimaz e Jinaza) was offered by Imam Jumma Wal Jamaa't Kargil Hujatul Islam Walmuslimeen Sheikh Mohammad Hussain Mufeed which was attended by Chairman J&K Legislative Council 
Haji Anayat Ali , Acting CEC LAHDC Kargil Mohsin Ali, Executive members of Anjuman Jamiat ul Ulama Asna Asharia Islamia School Kargil Ladakh Members of Ulama Council Islamia School Kargil, Deputy Commissioner Kargil Kacho Hassan Khan, Chairman Anjuman Sahabaz Zaman Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Sadiq Ballaghi, Councilor Sankoo Aga Syed Abass Razvi, Councilor Kargil Town Haji Mohammad Abass , Former Executive Councilor Haji Ghulam Amir Kamran, President INC Sankoo Haji Hassan, Various Political and Religious leaders, District Officers and more than 8,000 peolpes.
Syed NIzaam ud Deen (r.a) was born in the famous Razvi family of Kargil known as a religiously pious family in 1929. After his basic education at his native village Sankoo, he went to Najaf Asharaf in Iraq for Islamic studies.
Nearly for 10 years he studied Islamic Staduies under the guidance of Shaheed-e-Mehraab Ayatullah Madani.
After returning Kargil he served Huza Ilmiyah Asna Asharia Islamia School Kargil as a teacher, member and in his last years as Qazi Kargil.

Expressing solidarity with the bereaved family, 
Haji Anayat Ali Chairman J&K Legislative Council, condoled the demise of Syed Nizzam ud Deen Razvi r.a and termed his lose as the loss of Justice and Jurisprudence from Kargil.
He conveyed his sympathy to the bereaved family and the people of Kargil. He prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul.
Haji Mohammad Hanifa Jan. Chairman/Chief Executive Councilor Kargil on telephonic conversation from out of state condoled the demise of Hujjatul Islam wal Muslemeen Aga Syed Nizam ud Deen Razvi (r.a) , and conveyed his sympathies to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul.
Photo: Media Cell ISK .
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  1. Inna Lillahe wa Inna Ilaihe Rajeoon.
    Allah Ta'ala Hujjatul Islam Razvi Sahab marhoom ki maghferat farmaaey aur unko jawaare Masoomin a.s. mein jagah inayat farmaaey. Aameen.