Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Martyrdom Anniversary of Hazrat Fatima Zehra s.a observed in Kargil.

02 03 2017
3rd Jamad e Sani 1438 H.
The Martyrdom Anniversary of Prophets beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima Zehra s.a observed in Kargil at premises of Houza Elmiyah Asna Asharia under the supervision of Anjuman Jamiat ul Ulama Asna Asharia Islamia School Kargil Ladakh with religious fervor and zeal.
Hojjatul Islam walmuslimeen Sheikh Mohammad Ali Elmi threw light on the life and teachings of Hazrat Fatima Zehra s.a and on the personality and contribution of Hazrat Fatima Zehra s.a in spreading the massage of Prophet Mohammad p.b.u.h .

Shiekh Mohammad Ali Mohammadi in his speech also describe the rights of women's in Shia Islamic laws.
After Majlis e Aza a Mourning procession was taken out from Houza Elmiyah Asna Asharia Kargil which was concluded at Inqilab Manzil after passing trough the main bazar via lal chowk of Kargil town.

Publishing late due to unavailability of internet in Kargil from last two month.
Photo: Media Cell ISK .

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