Thursday, January 30, 2014

Protest againts the Killings of Shia Zaireen In Mastung Quetta Pakistan ..

Protest againts the Killings of Shia Zaireen In  Mastung Quetta Pakistan ..
People of Kargil today protested against the human right violation and target killings of the Minorities community in Mastung Quetta in which 25 person killed and 50 odd injured.
The protest was under the leadership of the Imam-e-Jumma Wal Jamat Kargil Hujatul Islam Wal Muslameen Sheikh Hussain Muqaddas which started after the Friday Prayers in the Premises of Islamia School Kargil.
Thousands of people along with members of Ullama Council Anjuma Jamiyat Ullama ISK Kargil participated in the Protest.

The Member Youth Wing ISK Murtaza Khalili on this occasion told that Islam doesn’t teaches such actions and anyone and any organization supporting such activities should be banned and treated as terrorist organizations.
Executive Member Ullama Council Hujattul Islam Shiekh Hassan Waizee while talking on this occasion said that for promoting such activities and actions in their country Pakistan Government should be condemned by each and every Muslims in the world.
Imam Jumma in his presidential address told that these kinds of activities are clearly violation of Human Rights and world forms should come forward to protect the basic Human rights of the minorities in Pakistan and told that there is No Democracy in Pakistan and after continuous human rights violation Pakistan cannot be termed as a democratic country.
Shiekh Hussain Muqaddas requested the Prime Minster of India to intervene in this incident and pressurize the Government of Pakistan for banning the active terrorist organizations like Lashkar Jhangvi, Tallib

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